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Medical Edge: Mom Makeover

Updated: Friday, January 24 2014, 11:11 PM EST
BLUE ASH, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- It's hard to believe that just last year Kate Thesing was almost 80 pounds heavier.

She said after being active and thinner in her younger years she was hurting almost all the time.  Her mobility was bad and she couldn't sleep at night due to pain.

She said that weight gain was largely due to life, which gets messy.  She was taking care of aging parents and children, the sandwich generation as it's known, she also had had a hip injury that left her very immobile and made it hard to exercise.  So one day she looked in the mirror and decided she was going to change her life.  She became a mom on a mission and took back her life one step at a time.

"From where I'm at now, I've lost 77 pounds."

Thesing says her real progress began when she made up her mind to ask for help.

"I just was like, I can't live like this, my dad was a World War II vet, and when he was living with me I had to tie his shoes for him, and here it was a few years later, my daughter who was in grade school had to tie my shoes the pain was bad."

She signed up for a personal training program with Doug Gibson, who asked her not just to focus on weight loss.

"The main focus was getting her strong and flexible in her hip so she could do other things," Doug said.

Gibson says as she could do other things she became motivated, "She made a decision a conscious decision and she got off her fanny and did it, and that's the most important thing, getting off your rear end and doing it."

She also gave herself permission to take time out for herself every day.

"I realized I was taking care of everybody else but myself, and if I want to have more tomorrows I got to be healthier."

Thesing  says every mom deserves the gift of good health every day.  Click HERE for more information on the Mom Makeover Fitness Plan.

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