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Medical Edge: Outside Yoga

Updated: Thursday, April 3 2014, 05:18 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- It's one of the hottest trends in fitness and beginning this Saturday the YMCA of greater Cincinnati invites you to Washington Park to participate for free!
If this Zumba class indoors just seems way too technical and indoor workouts at the YMCA or another gym just aren't your thing, maybe it's time to try  the new thing in town!

All over the country outdoor fitness classes, such as this yoga class, are popping up.  They are wildly popular and usually held in a popular park.  You can just show up at the designated time each week, no long term commitment required.

Kathy Lehr said, "We are encouraging people to come out and start the spring and the summer on the right healthful note, and workout with some of your best friends and meet new ones!"

Jesiah Brock says it was a chance for him to check out a new workout saying, "It gives you a chance to stretch and get loose, I lift weights so it's a nice segway to my training."

He discovered by the way, yoga isn't quite as easy as it looks!

"A lot of pulling a lot of tightness, but I think the longer you do it the more comfortable you get with it," Brock said.

This is just one example of some of the types of exercise catching on outdoors.  Today it's yoga, another day it might be kickboxing, maybe boot camp.  But whatever it is, that connection with nature may enhance the workout.

Dana Ensley, a participant, said, "You really just kind of get into the moment, and you can kind of let all your stress go away.  And I know it sounds cheesy but you just really become part of whats going on all around you."

Dana Ensley says one outdoor class and she's hooked!

When it comes to getting in shape, it's like changing the world.  It's a lot easier when we all do our small part together.

The first class for the summer in Washington Park is this Saturday, April 5th at 9a.m.  CLICK HERE for more information.

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