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Medical Edge: Pet Stress

Updated: Thursday, January 16 2014, 11:35 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Just about six months ago Quina Schmidlapp adopted her pet Cockapoo, MyGirl, for a little four legged friendship.

While the companionship has been awesome she says, the training time has been stressful.

So to keep the stress down and the love for MyGirl up, Quina consulted Lisa Desatnik.  She teaches a program called "How to get your dog to listen."

"These animals don't speak human, and we don't realize how difficult it is what they are trying to learn, when they don't speak our language."

So what can we do to learn to speak dog? 

In MyGirl's case,  one of Quina's concerns is also something quite charming.

"She's very very loveable to anybody; any stranger she will just jump all over."

Lisa says the problem is that MyGirl gets a lot of attention for this loveable behavior, "They are just simply doing what works for them, behavior quite simply occurs to get a consequence."

So she doesn't play with the jumping MyGirl, but rather rewards her when she settles down.

"Instead of blaming the animal, lets look at how we can be better teachers to our pets."

"Instead of looking at the fault of the animal, I really want people to stop and say okay, I am the animals teacher, what can I do to make the animal plan more clear."

Little by little, the language MyGirl speaks is now Quinas focus, which already she says is making her time with her a lot easier.

You're invited to attend "How to get your pet to listen."  It's at the Blue Ash Recreation Center on Tuesday, January 21st.  It is free but you do need to pre-register HERE.

Medical Edge: Pet Stress

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