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Medical Edge: Plant Based Diet Helps Heart

Updated: Monday, January 13 2014, 10:46 PM EST

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Ask Pete Georges about how he learned to eat the Greek Diet, also known as the Mediterranean Way, and he says, "Good old fashioned home cooking."

"I am first generation, mom and dad both from Greece."

Now in his Greek Diner named after his mom, Sophia, he says he tries to carry on her healthy cooking traditions.

"Everything was home-made, soups, stuffed peppers, the cabbage rolls, everything was home-made."

It turns out, no surprise a new study says, mom was right.  Eating a plant based diet, with meat more as a compliment to these fresh ingredients, may hold the secret to beating heart disease.  Not just in preventing an initial heart attack but also in healing after a heart event.

To find this out researchers in the journal of The American Medical Association studied more than 4,000 men and women.  They found not only did the Mediterranean Diet help prevent a heart attack, but if you already had one it could reduce the odds you'd have another.

They found that adding these foods to a diet had positive outcomes:
extra virgin Greek olive oil
whole grains

Foods to reduce: 
red or processed meats (such as beef and bacon)
drinks with added sugar (such as regular soda pop)
foods high in trans fats (such as fried foods and added salt)

Researchers say these changes can lower the risk dying from heart disease even if you've had a heart attack by up to forty percent.

Pete says it's just proof his mother, Sophia, really did know best.


Medical Edge: Plant Based Diet Helps Heart

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