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Medical Edge: Stadium Recess

Updated: Friday, October 24 2014, 01:37 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Four thousand children get to have recess even when school is out!

Saturday the American Heart Association and Cincinnati Children's hospital team is up for a special event called "Recess In The Stadium."  It is at Paul Brown Stadium and at this summer day camp at the YMCA the gym is the classroom

Jenny Collyer of the  Norwood YMCA said, "Teaching them that exercise is fun and to put down the cell phone, so no electronics are here at camp.  So everyday we have a different exercise that we do."

And if learning involves a change in behavior, these kids get that to get fit.  They learn what you do everyday does make a difference.

Doctor Bob Siegel is a pediatrician who supports a message from the American Heart Association, "Healthy kids up the odds of being healthy adults."

Dr. Siegel said, "We know we form the way think as kids, the way that we exercise, the way that we eat, so this is an ideal time childhood to form those styles."

His point is that the little things really do add up and he has some very practical advice about those little things for every parent, every day.
First up, see if you can get in activity early in the day.  Save sit time for later.  Second, try for sixty minutes most day s of the week which you can do all at once or in little bits throughout the day.  Third, when it comes to food have healthy choices available.  Also, don't push them to always, "clean their plate."  And finally, be the example.

As Doctor Seigel knows "Modeling by adults and peers helps a lot."

Recess At The Stadium is at capacity for Saturday but YMCA day camps are open all summer.  CLICK HERE for more information.

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