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Medical Edge: Take note of voice problems

Updated: Thursday, April 17 2014, 10:30 AM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A woman from Florence says take note if you are noticing changes in your voice, you can get screened free April 17 and 18.
Alyssa Carroll says when voice troubles started getting in the way of her ability to lead the worship at her church, she knew she needed the help of god above and Doctor Sid Khosla here below "I got strep throat very frequently, we are talking like 10 to 11 times a year for several years and as soon as I got better I would get sick gain and  I wasn't recovering as well in between."
Images of her vocal cords did show some lesions but she also had some common conditions quieting her voice. She didn't even know could make it hard to find the right notes. "There was an acid reflux problem and most people think that gives you heartburn, but it gives you throat clearing and cough and the feeling that is something there."
Medications helped treat that and get her tunes back on track. She also got some therapy to learn proper warm up for the way she needed to use her voice.
Part of what she wants all of us to know is that your voice is something you take for granted until you can't speak or sing or use it for whatever you do. She said it's important that you note when your voice doesn't sound right, seek medical attention or give it time to heal. "Probably the biggest problem was after I would get over the strep throat I was misusing my voice and I was harming the healing process."

She now sings the same tune as Doctor Khosla ,who has two notes they ask all of us to consider. "One, is that there are things we can do if there is a problem. The second thing is to kind of share in the community of people who are involved in, how does my voice work , what is the connection between how I communicate and how I connect in my voice."

That connection for Alyssa Carroll is the ability to bless others with her voice . 

You can call 513-475-8400 for details of the free screenings. There's also a free voice conference at Music Hall on Saturday, April 19. 

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Medical Edge: Take note of voice problems

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