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Medical Edge: Ton of Fun

Updated: Wednesday, January 15 2014, 09:55 AM EST
BLUE ASH, Ohio (Liz Bonis) --  A Blue Ash sporting goods store is challenging Cincinnati to lose a ton of weight, literally.
Bridget Donovan made her mind up this year, "just to lose a few pounds, more for athletic performance than anything."

But as Rob Schwab, a physical therapist, knows, "it's easy to talk about it, it's another thing trying to sit down and do it."
Which is why Bridget is teaming up with a whole community to do the same thing.  She's signing up for Ton of Fun, a national weight loss program coordinated by Fleet Feet Sports. "We are looking to give you the education you need as far as eating healthy, exercise, a lot of people have different schedules so we are looking to put together different workout teams, and then accountability is big."

It's so big, you're invited in store for everything from weekly weigh-ins  to fitness instruction. You can also get additional training tips for workouts and injury prevention as well as healthy menus as part of weekly e-mails from an expert panel supporting a Ton of Fun,  "you will have all your resources on line with those weekly e-mails."
The idea behind this Ton of Fun, is to lose a ton of weight, which if you have a ton of people isn't very much -the goal is to be accountable to the group,, which can help you not just lose a little -but keep it off too.

Those who partner up with diet and exercise --tend to stay with it. As Bridget Donavan knows - that's the secret to long term success, "definitely, definitely, you can't be slacking."
And even if you are,  she says slackers just need a little fun added into a fitness routine.
There is a 50 dollar charge for this 12 week program, and kick off starts this weekend.

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Medical Edge: Ton of Fun

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