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Pain Therapy

Updated: Wednesday, August 14 2013, 03:55 PM EDT
Two sisters say a licensed acupuncturist in Mount Lookout has really helped them "stick it" to pain. They say this treatment works to better balance the body and is more powerful than any pill.

Medical Reporter Liz Bonis shares details in today's Medical Edge.

If sisters share everything, that was certainly the case for Phyllis Beck and Linda Christensen. Linda had knee pain, but also pain with every step.

"My feet, I had plantar faciatis in my right foot, and in my left foot, sometimes I had to walk on the side of my foot."

Over-the-counter pain medications weren't working anymore, although Phyllis had hip pain so bad.

"It was getting to six or eight a day, and it was just too much."

So, both women, who were admittedly skeptics, decided to make an appointment with Derek Johnson, a licensed acupuncturist. Acupuncture uses tiny needles to attack what causes pain through what Derek refers to as "channels." 

"It is said that that is where energy and blood flow through the body."

"After a couple of weeks, I noticed I could walk flat on my feet again."

"I had one and hip pain, and my hip pain was totally gone, really, it was amazing and it has never come back."

Exactly the point, Derek Johnson says, as acupuncture puts the body's systems back in balance. He is careful to point out that some patients may do even better using this along with other therapies, and it's not exclusive to anything your doctor recommends. There is a logical way, however, to how it actually works in the body. For those of us who need a logical explanation, there is a science behind it's healing.

"Acupuncture has been shown to increase blood circulation to the area, reduce inflammation, and it's been shown to reduce certain brain activity that associates with pain, so the patient actually experiences less pain."

Less pain and a happier outlook, what these sisters say is a joy to share now.
Acupuncture cost about 75 dollars a session.  In some cases it is covered by insurance plans. Click for details about this therapy.
Pain Therapy

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