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Medical Edge Reports

Medical Edge Reports

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Medical Edge: Surgery helps Ft. Thomas man with Parkinsons

Updated: Friday, October 24 2014, 02:43 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A man from Fort Thomas is back on the golf course this spring, thanks to a medical team at the Neuroscience Institute at the University of Cincinnati. He had surgery for Parkinson's Disease. 
Scott Layman says he can still remember five years ago when, "small little tasks such as brushing my teeth became difficult, and I knew something was wrong."

What was wrong was he had a chronic and progressive disease of the nervous system, known as Parkinson's.
Eventually he consulted a team that included Doctor Andrew Duker at the Gardner Center for Parkinson's Disease and made the decision to have DBS, or deep brain stimulation.

As video from Layman's surgery team shows it's much like putting in  an electrical pacemaker for the brain. "The circuits that are involved in the motor control of the brain, help the fluidity of motion, and speed of motion and those are disrupted in Parkinson's disease, and what deep brain stim does is it delivers electrical current to the brain, to help it function."

At the time we began following Scott's surgery he had one goal, "I would love to do things the way I used to, walking, golfing, whatever that is, that's my main goal."
A few months later, it was easy to see he was well on his way toward this goal. "I am noticing a slight improvement in my walk and I have a better step than before."

"We are in the process of slowly increasing his stimulation parameters," says Doctor Duker, "so it's like starting a new medication, you can't give a full dose right away, you have to taper it up gradually."

What Doctor Duker is referring to is a hand held device that Scott can adjust gradually to communicate with his brain. 

Just weeks Scott  walked out of the clubhouse to play golf. When compared  to his pre-surgery video just a few months ago, it's clear he's at home on this course and back in the swing of things.
Scott Layman invites you to golf with him at the Gardner Center at Putting for Parkinson's on July 18, at the Highland Country Club in Fort Thomas.

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Medical Edge: Surgery helps Ft. Thomas man with Parkinsons

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