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UC Medical Center Team Helps Burn Victim

Updated: Thursday, September 12 2013, 05:12 PM EDT
A local woman who was badly burned can now hear better than she has in 13 years.

Medical Reporter Liz Bonis shares the latest on this story we've been following for you in today's Medical Edge.

You may recall our story with Sharon Everette recently, right after her surgery for an implant to help her hear better. She was badly burned in an explosion more than a decade ago and told us.

Sharon Everett, Patient:
"I just want to feel that closeness that you get talking to people and understanding what they are saying to you."

Doctor Ravi Samy put in what's called a cochlear implant. It bypasses the normal hearing mechanism.
Dr Ravi Samy, UC Medical Center:
"And basically goes into the inner ear and stimulates cochlear nerve, the hearing nerve that goes to the brain."

"So, just a few weeks later, Sharon invited us back to hear, as they turn on the cochlear implant, or, more importantly, hear what she could hear."

"What you hearing?"

Sure enough, an emotional moment for Sharon and her husband, George.

"I'm overwhelmed and I thank the lord."

When they first learn it works and Sharon can hear whole new set of sounds...

George Everett, Husband:
"We've been praying for this for a long time."

Sharon can't quite tell you what those sounds are right now, but Doctor Lisa Houston says, in time, she will.

Dr. Lisa Houston, UC Audiologist:
"Her brain is sort of interpreting all this new information, so it will take time for it to make sense to her."

Sharon is certain, however...

"It's just going to give me back a part of my life that's been missing for so long."

Sharon says she is most looking forward to hearing her family well again, especially the soft spoken words of a loving husband, who can now whisper what this story is really all about.

"She's my miracle, ain't you...(kiss) love you so much."

Sharon has the device in one ear right now. It's possible she could have one put in the other ear, too, once they know how well this one works.
UC Medical Center Team Helps Burn Victim

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