American Academy of Pediatrics: Keep pot away from children

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A warning Monday, February 27, about marijuana for any use from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

They suggested parents and adults not use pot or any form of marijuana in front of kids. The AAP was worried, they already do not support the use of marijuana for medical or recreational use in children. But overnight the AAP released a statement saying as it's legalized it may pose serious dangers for kids that parents don't know about.

Local 12 News talked to the team at Cincinnati Children's Poison Information Center. They were already seeing a rise in calls from parents with new concerns about kids using the drug. As it's talked about more, and used more by adults, the concern was that it seemed like it was no big deal.

The AAP issued a new guideline that said, "We don't know the danger for brains that are still in development and parent should not consume it in front of their kids."

Patricia Klein with the Poison Control Center said, "Marijuana can cause addiction, about nine percent of people who use will become addicted. That number goes up to seventeen percent in people who start use in their teenage years and up to fifty percent of teens who smoke every day will become addicted."

One of the things happening, according to the AAP, was that parents were not sharing with kids that pot was different in its content than it was years ago. Now it could be more dangerous than ever for young bodies.

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