Answering questions about Howard Ain's need for kidney donor

Many of you have sent us emails and Facebook posts about Howard Ain's kidney request, so we're answering some of your questions. (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Many of you have sent us emails and Facebook posts about Howard Ain's kidney request.

We even got a great follow up from the woman who wrote and said she too needed a kidney and was grateful someone has shared this picture:

We got help from DaVita Kidney Care to share on Howard's story; they help support those on dialysis.

Local 12 asked Brenita Brooks from the National Kidney Foundation how you get a kidney and can you make a donation or give money to get your name bumped up on the list for a living donor.

Brooks says that laws forbid that and there are guidelines for a wait list.

"You are placed on the wait list once you are deemed healthy enough to receive a transplant, and as kidneys become available, those available kidneys are matched with those people who have been on the wait list the longest time or those people who are in greatest need because their health may be deteriorating," Brooks said.

We also got asked about Howard's family or twin brother donating. He said these are not options because his brother is going to need a kidney also due to the same condition.

His other family members that are well enough have been tested, but some have medical conditions that exclude them also.

If you are interested in becoming a living kidney donor for Howard or someone else in need, please click here to learn more, or call 513-961-8105 ext. 854.

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