Can Botox be used to treat anxiety and depression?

Can Botox be used to treat anxiety and depression? (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - You've likely heard of “Botox” for smoothing wrinkles and reducing migraine headaches, now the shot is being tested, for reducing depression and anxiety.

Studies on this potential side benefit began a few years ago, when people started reporting it after being injected with Botox between and above the eyebrows.

They reported similar results to those in this more recent study at a cosmetic center.

“Fear anger and sadness all go through this muscle, so Botox basically inhibits the muscle and calms it down. So it becomes more difficult to feel those negative emotions,” said Dr. Eric Finzi, a Botox Researcher at the Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center.

“I found overall my mood was better on a day to day basis. I had less problems with depression,” said Vivian Cooke, a patient of the Cosmetic Center.

The makers of Botox just announced the final phase of testing for depression will begin.

Botox is temporary and typically wears off after three months.

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