Cleveland Clinic says you should treat lawn work like a workout to avoid pain

Cleveland Clinic says you should treat lawn work like a workout to avoid pain (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Health care providers issue a word of caution as the weather warms up and you start taking on yard work.

As you likely know, yard work can be strenuous and if you don't ease into it, you are likely to wind up in pain.

The #1 complaint from those who do yard work is usually back pain, so health care providers say that you should treat it like a workout.

That means you should warm up, stretch out, and make sure you have the right tools and the proper body mechanics.

It's estimated that once we hit about age 30-35, we lose strength if we don't build it up over time.

Activities such as raking, mulching and gardening can be really good to work against this, but if you haven't done it in a year then you should start with short spurts at a time.

Make sure you wear gloves on your hands, and that your feet are covered.

Remember too that if you feel pain, heat is not the best treatment.

Use the “RIcE” rule: Rest, Ice, and Elevate.

If you don't feel better in a day or so, you may need medical attention.

There’s a reminder too about mowing the lawn.

The first few times can also be like aerobics, so if you don’t do it regularly you might want to do the front and the back with some time in between, and plenty of water.

Remember to wear closed shoes to cover your feet, and sunglasses to protect your eyes from flying debris.

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