Exhale Dance Tribe invites community to workshop

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A special event could help people shape up in the new year and help them learn some new moves.

The dancers were part of a local dance team in the Tri-State offering a special workshop people can attend to take their stage skills and dance moves to the next level. Local 12 News spent some time with them at their practice studio in Walnut Hills to share what they are all about and why the first-of-a-kind workshop might be a good thing to help people, body and soul.

The dancers were all part of a non-profit group called the Exhale Dance Tribe. They were skilled and trained to tell stories through music and dance.

Missy Lay Zimmer of Exhale Dance Tribe said, “So much of what Exhale is about is that, it's about storytelling and bringing dance back to its original intensions, which is to share stories with the community.”

Missy Lay Zimmer is the artistic director and co-founder of “The Tribe.” The dancers will be the instructors of a one-day, dance work-shop happening January 21, at the Aronoff Center for the Arts. They invite anyone who likes to dance, ages 12 and up, for a series of classes that day.

Zimmer said, “The dancers are in class, with actual dance tribe members.”

The goal is to help people fine tune their dance moves, learn better ways to improve fitness levels, and the core strength it really takes to be a dancer. The workshop is designed for those a little bit more advanced, but the idea is that people can learn from some of the best and get some new moves to take where ever they dance.

Courtney Howard said when people sign up they'll find new skills that move the body in new ways, “For most people that go to the gym and stuff like that, it's like a shock to their system. You are using your thigh muscles more than you do every day, you are low to the floor, but also really high up in the air, so there's a lot of dynamics.”

The classes as part of the workshop were designed to push performance but also remind people that dance is about stretching he body while focusing the mind.

Samantha Reynolds, a dancer, said, “The second you are done with the class you are motivated, ready to go, doesn't matter if you have a lot or a little to do after class, you are ready for whatever life throws your way after a simple new workout.”

And at the end of the workshop, those who attend will actually share with a live audience a final performance on the Aronoff stage.

The workshop is Saturday, January 21. It's all day and designed to also raise money for the non-profit that shares dance education in the community.


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