Hat makers and donations needed for St. Elizabeth Foundation

Hat makers and donations needed for St. Elizabeth Foundation (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Hundreds of newborn babies in the Tri-State got a very special gift to help raise awareness of the need to fight heart disease.

It was all part of a special program called "Little Hats, Big Hearts." National Heart Awareness Month is February. Seven area Tri-State hospitals were getting ready to participate in the national program designed to help raise awareness, especially of congenital heart defects or those that happen from birth.

Little Emmy Jo was just ten days old and a little more than three pounds. She may have been the worlds smallest ambassador for what was expected to be one of the biggest national campaigns, "Little Hats, Big Hearts." It's a program which provides every newborn with a hand-made red hat.

Emmy's parents, Michelle and Bradley Westfall, were thrilled with the idea, "It's so heartwarming, it's so nice that they take the time to do that for these sweet little babies."

Bradley Westfall said, "Oh I love that little red hat on her head."

They were also thrilled with the message the little red hats sent to to parents and families: every heart is precious so take care of yours. They were also thrilled with the amazing team that helped their little premature baby survive and thrive.

A mother and daughter team made all the hats happen. Tonya Wright is a nurse where Emmy was born and her mom, Sarah Webster, helped Tonya get Little Hats, Big Hearts started there.

The hats were all made by volunteers and they have a lot of babies that were born. They could use some help! Tonya's mom has kicked off the program by making more than 100 of thee hats by herself! Supplies, donations for materials, and hat makers were in high demand for February. For every little hat that's made there was a big reward. It just might look like it's pint-sized.

The Saint Elizabeth Foundation number is the best one to call if people can help: 859-301-3920

The American Heart Associations has patterns and other hospitals people can also assist, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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