Heart Health & Diet: Olive and Wine Bars

Heart Health & Diet: Olive and Wine Bars (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - It's one of the hottest trends across the country, olive bars.

The one on 6th Street in downtown Cincinnati was a real change from traditional chicken wings and bear and a few happy hour favorites. It was started by a young woman who simply wanted to share all the things she loves with her own family and friends.

Olives have always been a few of her favorite things; olives, olive oil, vinegar, fine wine, food, and friends. Combine all of those and you have Leah Jones of We Olive and Wine Bar.

Jones said, "So we have olive oils , balsamics, gourmet foods, tapenads; really delicious treats and then we incorporate them into different dishes on our menus so that you can see how we recommend enjoying them."

From the perfect pairings of hummus, olives, and olive oil in the kitchen, the ingredients are designed to not be what we quite often think about when it comes to traditional happy hour. But rather, a newer trend where you share friendship and good health.

People can dine in or mix and match their own favorite balsamics with olive oil to try in house and take with them to enjoy at home. The idea behind this is that people can sort of mix them with other flavorings and include it in their diet. The American Heart Association does recommend eating more of the poly and monounsaturated fats compared to butter.

The prevention comes as part of a Mediterranean style of eating that shows lower death rates in those who eat a better kind of fat and more fresh plant foods that don't sit on the shelf with preservatives.

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