Meat consumption at an all-time high

Meat consumption at an all-time high (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Meat eaters of the world may rejoice at the news; meat eating is at an all-time high, meaning more availability and perhaps cheaper prices.

Researchers say that back in 2014, eating surveys showed the amount of meat being consumed was on the decline, which led many to believe we had reached “peak meat.”

Now results more recently have come in and researchers found, it's not true.

We all know that seafood, poultry, and plant foods have less fat, more fiber (in some cases), and may be better overall for good heart health, but new data reported by Tufts University, collected by Rabobank, a food and agricultural research firm, says that consumers are at an all-time high for meat consumption.

It's now higher than it's ever been per household in the United States.

In 2016, meat consumption actually rose at a higher rate than any other year over the past four decades.

Americans average about 193 pounds of meat per person, or almost four pounds a week.

Some say it may have been because chicken prices dropped and so more of that was consumed. Oversupply apparently dropped cost.

Consumers ate nearly twice as much chicken, 89 pounds apiece compared to 54 of beef, and 50 of pork.

The thought is that we are bargain shoppers rather than health conscious for chicken, but either way that counts as meat.

So, if you would like a word of caution, you should shift the plate if possible.

That means: Fill your plate with 1/3 meat and the other 2/3 vegetables and plant foods.

That balanced diet appears to help overall health.

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