Mom who lost daughter to breast cancer helps educate women with "brazaar"

A local mother got to share her daughter's message of preventing breast cancer Wednesday at a very special Christmas party. (WKRC)

WALNUT HILLS, Ohio (WKRC) - A local mother got to share her daughter's message of preventing breast cancer Wednesday at a very special Christmas party.

This mom, Josie Holloman-Adams, started the hashtag #SmilingforErica as part of a bra donation program. The bras and the program are designed to raise awareness of the kind of cancer that took Erica's life, called "triple negative."

Just a few weeks ago, Josie first delivered hundreds of bras to First Step Home. They were collected this year in honor of her daughter, Dr. Erica Holloman. Erica lost her battle to triple negative breast cancer at the age of 35.

Triple negative is an aggressive form of breast cancer that tends to hit younger women and those who are African-American.

Since that story, however, we needed to come back and share a little bit more about how the bras are distributed, and, more importantly, the message that goes along with them. On Wednesday, we stopped by their "brazaar" to share what each of these young ladies is learning about this disease.

"We learned about triple negative breast cancer, which is something that I'd never heard of before," said Natalie McComis.

It's clear Nathalie and many others here got that message.

The women selected a bra, which was followed by stories of survivors who, like Josie, want to educate people about the different forms of breast cancer.

"We are doing education; we're telling them about triple negative breast cancer, making them aware that they need to take care of their own health issues," said Josie. "Our goal is now they've heard the words 'triple negative breast cancer,' they can tell somebody else about it. And if they are diagnosed with breast cancer, they can ask, 'Well, what type is it?'"

You see, learning about your own health is an important part of addiction recovery.

"I'm doing great," Nathalie said. "I'm almost eight months clean and sober here; I'm here with my almost six-month-old daughter."

And as this Christmas bazaar became a Christmas "brazaar," Josie got her wish--#SmilingforErica came to life.

"They are smiling when they get the bras, and they are just grateful, and we are smiling because we see them be happy," she said.

And the Erica J. Holloman Foundation actually just got Ohio license plates approved with this organization! Local 12 will have more on that in the coming weeks. To donate to the foundation or learn more about triple negative breast cancer, click here.

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