Mother & son say thank you to life-saving team

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A heartfelt reunion Wednesday, January 18, for a mother and son at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

They came back to say thank you to a life-saving medical team. David Franz, who is now 25, was born with a heart defect called a single ventricle. He had multiple open-heart surgeries and then went into heart failure.

He was then given a temporary device to assist his heart so it could pump on its own until he had a heart transplant which took doctors at Children’s 22 hours to perform.

Now, David says he owes the miracle of his life to a heart team that did everything possible to keep him alive. He came back with his mom, Susan Langston, to thank doctors who could come to a news conference at Children’s and say thank you in the best way possible.

Franz said, “It's been a long journey but I could not ask for anyone better than the people in this room. But here we are on the other side so far.”

Dr. David Morales with Cincinnati Children's Hospital said, ‘There were definitely times that the odds were less than five percent yet he kept going and I thank God he did.”

Following the news conference both David and his mom went through the cardiology unit to say thank you to those that couldn't step away to attend. They wanted to share that even long after they are gone patients do remember those who perform the life altering operations.

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