NIH: Obesity in USA connected to inactivity

NIH: Obesity in USA connected to inactivity (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Fitness researchers are learning a lot about our activity levels with the help of smartphones.

But that doesn't mean what they are finding is all good.

The largest fitness study ever done on human movement has just been released by the National Institutes of Health.

They tracked physical activity in more than 100 countries, after a previous study found more than five million people die every year from health problems associated with inactivity.

So what did researchers discover about our couch potato habits? Well, we may need to spend a little more time acting like a kid again!

Ever wonder where all that energy goes when you grow up?

NIH researchers found this out by asking volunteers from 111 countries to share movement data collected from a cell phone app.

People often carry smartphones now while they walk or work out.

As part of the study, they looked at activity in communities, and they looked at the people in those communities, they found on average most people take about 5000 steps a day, a couple of miles, that's a good thing, but then they looked overall at a countries activity levels and they found in those who were least active, obesity rates were 200 times higher than in countries with the most activity.

In the United States, they found our inactivity was a direct connection to our obesity rates, and that obesity is increasing faster in women than men.

They also found if we made more walkable communities then more people overall would be more active.

There are some great apps that tell us what we are doing and even prompt you do more by sending you gentle reminders.

There is a link to this full study with the NIH if you'd like to see it here.

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