Norovirus & strep throat spreading rapidly in Tri-State

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A warning about a couple of illnesses going around that are tough to avoid.

Strep throat and the Norovirus are highly contagious and spreading rapidly in schools and workplaces. Fluids are going to be in high demand.

Dr. Mary Ann Barnes, a St. Elizabeth physician, said, "Because you are vomiting and you can't keep fluids down, and then you have diarrhea so you are losing fluids that way."

Dr. Barnes also cautioned if it's strep throat not to count on only the usual symptoms. She points out that if it's a virus, it just has to run its course. If it is truly a bacterial infection from strep then it does need to be treated with antibiotics. If people are looking not to get it, there are a number of common sense things that everyone can do to prevent it.

First, wipe down surfaces a lot of people touch. Hand washing is always the best defense but so is not getting the bad bugs on hands at all. Dr. Barnes said she is seeing both the Norovirus and strep in people of all ages.

The Norovirus hits suddenly and is highly contagious. It's lasting about 24 hours. Strep throat doesn't come on quite as quickly but lasts more like three to five days. A strep test at the doctors office can tell people if they need an antibiotic for treatment.

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