Ohio AAP offers program for postpartum depression

Ohio AAP offers program for postpartum depression

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - There is a big push from the Ohio Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to help new moms fight depression.

The new program is showing promising results.

The new program, called “Good 4 Growth,” was started as a way to target moms at highest risk for depression during or after pregnancy.

On Monday, the Ohio AAP announced that it's working.

The program focused on screening for new moms in those at highest risk for postpartum depression, who are mainly those with lower income levels that are pregnant and parenting teens.

The goal was to let women feeling the “baby blues” know they were not alone and that they were plenty of places for them to go for support and resources to help.

The program asked pediatricians not just to focus on a babies’ health after birth, but also at one month, two month, four month and six month well child checks to screen moms for postpartum depression.

They found not only were more moms screened this way, but women sought follow up care at double the rate of the national average.

The Ohio AAP wants new moms to know that if you do feel the “baby blues,” you can tell your pediatrician, they will help with resources and some medical interventions that may be critical to getting you through the feeling you are in crisis or can't boost your mood.

They also have local support groups and resources, if you'd like to find them, you can follow this link.

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