Pink Ribbon Girls want to help women surviving cancer

Pink Ribbon Girls want to help women surviving cancer. (Photo: WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If a woman you love is surviving cancer, a local organization may be able to help you give them a special gift this Mothers’ Day.

Pink Ribbon Girls, or PRG as it’s commonly known now, has a motto - “no one travels this road alone.” They remind us as we head into this Mothers’ Day weekend their logo is not just pink anymore, but also teal.

Jan Middleton said that’s part of their mission now - to support not just breast cancer survivors, but also women who are surviving all gynecological cancers such as ovarian or cervical cancer.

They do this by helping with everything from free meals, to free house cleaning, to peer support with get togethers.

“It’s so good to gather with other survivors whether breast or reproductive cancer and be with people that just get it,” Middleton said. “That’s why our peer support programs are so important to us to offer these opportunities in each of the cities that we serve to bring these women together and let them feel they are with other women that really get it.”

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