Research: "Happy wife, happy life" is true!

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - You have heard the saying "happy wife, happy life." Well now there's some research to back that up.

A report released from the Cleveland Clinic found happy marriages and good health really do go hand in hand this Valentines Day. Researchers in the study looked at nearly 2,000 couples. They asked a series of questions related to happiness and found those who were happier were also healthier.

It might be because, as previous studies have shown, if something is wrong a spouse notices a change in your health and encourages you to see your doctor and get follow up care. Or it might be that couples who are happy together tend to do things together that get you up and moving.

Experts at the Cleveland Clinic say happily married couples tend to get more regular exercise and have better sleep habits. But even more than that, researchers found that the main reason happy couples are heather simply has to do with social support. Couples do stuff together, talk about things, and have friendships that add to their happiness.

Doctor Michael Rozen of the Cleveland Clinic says when they compare single people to those who are married and look at how they age, happily married men age between three and eight years less than those who are single. Happily married women age two years less than those not married.

But before giving marriage too much credit, he also points out single people can choose to live much of the same way by just picking up healthy habits and staying in touch with close, supportive friends.

There's some previous research which shows those who are married also have better blood pressure levels than those who are not, which can lead to lower stroke and heart attack risk.

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