Safe Sleep: Babies should sleep alone with no pillows or stuffed animals

Safe Sleep: Babies should sleep alone with no pillows or stuffed animals (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new campaign by new moms is designed to save babies' lives.

This campaign is a push back against a big problem in the community. While sleep related deaths in a baby's first year were down overall, it focuses on the problem of where baby sleeps and what should not be inside the crib with them.

Crystal Brown's son, Tequan, was a year old. She's one of several moms who helped design a new campaign with a new message: Sleep beside your baby, not with your baby in the same bed.

The women who were part of the design team live in the same neighborhood and talk to each other at a common community center. The billboards were part of a larger campaign which offers free cribs and free education and support for parents. Campaigns like theirs, do appear to be working.

According to Cradle Cincinnati, they have made progress with "roll over deaths." Parents were not sleeping as much with their children. But there's another area where blankets and stuffed animals were in the crib that poses a renewed problem. Cradle Cincinnati found "snuggle deaths" from blankets , pillows, and stuffed animals in cribs has increased five fold from previous years.

For a free crib and information to help a baby sleep safely, parents can simply call the Cincinnati Health Department at 211. The safe sleep recommendations were suggested till a baby was about a year old.

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