Shot for love life: Procedure improves intimacy for wife & mother

Shot for love life: Procedure improves intimacy for wife & mother (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Just in time for Valentine's Day, what some women call a revolutionary approach to romance is now available in the Tri-State.

It's a new procedure which can boost the intimacy in women's lives. It only takes about 20 minutes, and it is performed in the doctor's office. At AB Medispa and Wellness in Mason Local 12 talked with a wive and mother who said it really worked if women have lost that loving feeling and want to bring it back into their marriage again.

For years, Gerry said she had done everything possible to keep the romance alive in her wonderful marriage to the same man for more than two decades. So recently, when she was in the waiting room at her women's health office, she saw a sign about a simple procedure to improve intimacy.

She said, "That really caught my interest because I'd been having a decline in my desire."

Doctor Amy Brenner offers the procedure as part of a total wellness program. It's a shot to improve the love life, one might say made from the blood in their own body.

Dr. Brenner said, "So we get part of the blood called PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma."

The blood is placed in a spinner and then injected into specific areas designed to promote cell rejuvenation.

Gerry said she also took some time to do some other things for total intimacy and wellness. She did some exercises to strengthen the core and the pelvic area, and she had some important conversations related to intimacy with her husband.

The biggest risks from the procedure reported were pain and bruising at the injection site. It cost about $1,200 and was not covered by medical insurance plans. The early results gathered for this so far show about six in ten women said they notice some improvement with intimacy following the procedure.

It can also be done on men; obviously with different injection sites.

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