Snow leads to missteps, injuries

COVINGTON, Ky. (WKRC) - In northern Kentucky there was a steady stream of light snow all day Thursday, January 5, and that made things all over the area particularly slippery under-foot.

All that sliding around raises the risk for a lot of potential injuries. One of the biggest problems is that if people have to be outside they can’t help but want to hurry to try and escape the cold and the wind.

For emergency medicine workers that adds up to, “It’s a steady day. Typical day, typical day with this weather,” said Brian Schultz of Christ Hospital.

If people were inside looking out and it was beautiful but the light dusting could lead to light icing in many areas just underneath the surface snow. The danger, of course, is under feet, which then leads to slips and falls and broken bones. People slip on their walkways or out in front of their houses going to work. That could lead to a lot of ankle fractures, foot, wrist from catching themselves.

Even as the roads clear up, people should step lightly on walkways. A simple misstep could cost people not just a lot of pain but a lot of missed work time too.

Schultz said after broken bones and car accidents that lead to all kinds of injuries, it's concerns with backs and hearts as people start to clear off snow or shovel driveways and walkways.

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