Special needs prom held at Florence United Methodist Church

Special needs prom held at Florence United Methodist Church (WKRC)

FLORENCE, Ky. (WKRC) - Hundreds of families are saying a special “thank you” on Monday to dozens of volunteers in Florence. They held a very special “Night to Shine”.

This night to shine -- a special prom --where those who are living with special needs of any kind get to walk the red carpet --and get treated like royalty for the evening.

It was put on by a team at the Florence United Methodist Church.

They had more than 250 family members and friends who first got special attention to hair and makeup and then were limo-ed over to the church, where they got to walk the red carpet.

The team there made a point of letting each of them get celebrity attention. Local 12’s Liz Bonis even got to have them as her “celebrity guests” for photos at the end of the red carpet.

They then got to have dinner and dance the night away. This was all started a few years ago by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Churches now hold these all over the country to give families a great night out.

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