Study: Being unemployed raises stroke risk

Study: Being unemployed raises stroke risk (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new report has an important warning about job stress.

Health care providers say it was a bit of a surprise finding.

A study found that job loss and looking for a job may be as stressful on your body as the work stress you likely feel when you are employed.

Experts at the Cleveland Clinic are talking about the report because a recent study found that job loss is so stressful, it actually ups your odd of having a stroke.

Researchers studied a group of 40,000 men and women and looked at job status over two decades.

They found that those who lose a job have a higher risk, than those who stay employed.

Some of that data may be due to financial stress or that people have a gap in health insurance and may not get proper medical care or medications, but the study also found that when you lose your job you are more likely to smoke more, drink more alcohol have high blood pressure and have diabetes.

The study says that while looking for a job is stressful, if you have extra time and can even be more active with free activities such as outdoor exercise, it may be helpful to your health.

They also remind us that some pharmacies do have programs to help assist with medication costs.

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