Study: Free drink refills lead to higher calorie consumption

Study: Free drink refills lead to higher calorie consumption (MGN)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new study of “free stuff” has surprising results when it comes to your health.

There's been a lot of discussions lately about what to limit to help us improve our health.

So for example, should we limit free refills, or unlimited french fries, to help us reduce obesity?

Researchers in Psychology Science say US researchers wanted to find out if this works, so they conducted two separate studies.

In the first one, they gave more than 300 people money to buy lemonade or sweet tea, and also offered free chips to make them thirsty.

They found after 90 minutes, those who were told a large 24-ounce drink would be sold to them in two 12 ounce cups, were less likely to buy a large than those who were given it in one 24 ounce cup.

In the second experiment, 285 people were given either a ten-ounce drink with no refills or and 8-ounce drink with unlimited refills.

The people who could simply raise a hand and get a free refill, consumed 83 percent more calories, than those who got a no refill ten-ounce cup.

But those who had to stand up and walk over and get a refill, consumed only 30 percent more calories than the no refill group.

The conclusion was, beware of big cups and easy to get free refills, it could up your calories and your risk for obesity.

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