Study: Italian-style coffee may reduce prostate cancer risk

Study: Italian-style coffee may reduce prostate cancer risk (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Some good news about coffee is generating some buzz.

Researchers in the Journal of Cancer recently looked at men who were coffee drinkers of mainly Italian-style coffee or espresso.

The researchers found that, when they reviewed what's called "prostate cancer cell lines" in nearly 7,000 guys, caffeine may have a hidden benefit that was not known about.

After observing the men for four years, they found that those who drank the most coffee had the lowest prostate cancer risk compared to guys who took in less than two cups a day.

This confirmed previous research they had seen on these cells in the lab.

In the study, the researchers do credit the caffeine with the benefit.

Previous studies have shown that there may be other benefits from the coffee bean itself.

The most recent one is that coffee works against inflammation in the body. Inflammation does raise the risk for some cancers.

Espresso is concentrated but you still only get about 60 milligrams of caffeine in a cup of espresso and a full cup of regular coffee usually has double that amount, depending on how strong you brew it.

The study was conducted in Italy where "espresso style" is more popular.

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