Thyroid hormone linked to pregnancy weight

Thyroid hormone linked to pregnancy weight (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new study shows there may be a way to help manage early weight gain in pregnancy.

Researchers in Clinical Endocrinolgoy say that women may want to have thyroid levels tested prior to, or at least early on, in pregnancy.

A new study shows women with higher levels of what's called “the thyroid stimulating hormone” or TSH prior to pregnancy, had higher pre-pregnancy weights, and early pregnancy weight gain, when compared to those with normal thyroid function.

More than 5,000 women were part of this study. The average age about 29.

Researchers measured maternal weight before and during pregnancy.

They then also measured thyroid function.

They concluded that if the thyroid function is not what it should be, women were more likely to gain weight early on in pregnancy.

The early weight gain can put mom and baby at risk for serious complications and it’s a complication that can be controlled with early treatment which not only keeps mom and baby healthy, it also helps control healthcare costs.

“The healthcare costs… that's a hot topic right now, we have ‘x’ amount of money that has to go all these different things, so anything that you can work with to help decrease something from happening will help decrease your cost,” said Dr. Neil Martin of St. Elizabeth OB-GYN.

Most of the time, a simple blood test can tell you what you need to know and if you get one, ask your doctor if your thyroid is normal.

If it's not, thyroid medication is considered safe in pregnancy and you may just need some extra monitoring.

You feel a lot better when your thyroid is normal too.

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