TriHealth vascular team helps local man reach his goals

TriHealth vascular team helps local man reach his goals (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local man was beating the odds in spite of a serious health condition that kept causing new complications.

Edward Buyinski has a condition for which doctors have no cure. But piece by piece a vascular team at Good Samaritan Hospital was helping him reach new heights. Breakthrough technology was helping to protect his body in a way that not too long ago might not have even been possible. It had been more than a decade since Buyniski began having symptoms of what he now know's is Behcet's Disease, inflammation of the blood vessels.

Each time there's a new aneurysm in his body a team led by Dr. Patrick Muck takes him inside the operating room. He places tiny mesh wire tubes called stents inside the aneurysms. Many are so new, they are only available as part of clinical trials.

Since then Buyinski has made a few changes in his life. He's moving forward with a new career and he's had a few sort of medical improvements as well. He said all that was making new things possible and he's inspiring the team that's had to do those things.

Buyinski has been an avid skier since age three. At 29-years-old now, there's still no stopping him. He said with the help of supportive family and friends, his next goal is to teach high school math.

It's something he'll likely do well, since his team said he's already a mechanical engineer and knows a thing or two about beating the odds.

Ed Buyinski is now followed every three months with scans to see if there are aneurysms popping up; Dr. Muck says better screening in addition to the breakthrough stent procedures have made it possible for patients such as Buyinski to manage the disease.

Behcet's Disease is often misdiagnosed. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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