Barks, Beer & Brunch helps raise money for service dogs

Barks, Beer & Brunch helps raise money for service dogs (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Dogs are now able to be trained to sense everything from low blood sugars in diabetes to what a person might need in a wheelchair.

For years Nancy Jones has lived with multiple sclerosis, or MS. It's a progressive disease that made it hard for her to walk and get around. But recently, thanks to her “get around guy,” a black lab named Keen, new doors are opening for her again.

Jones said, “Maneuvering the world is how I want to express it. Close the door, open the door, open the drawer, close the drawer; all the things we usually do for ourselves, the dog is trained to help us do it.”

The dogs were trained through a group called Circle Tail and provided at no charge, “For service to physically handicapped, hearing impaired, and now type one diabetics,” said Jones.

The basic dog training was started by women in prison who work with them. After that the money comes from donations. Which was why Jones was tapping the chefs and bartenders at Arnold's Bar and Grill for a special event.

Sunday, October 16, at Barks, Beer and Brunch, Arnolds will tap a new “Happy Tails” microbrew.

Ronda Breeden of Arnold's said, “It's gonna be a raspberry black Labrador stout beer, it's only one of a kind. Then everyone will be able to try this awesome amazing beer, that they will never get to have again.”

The hope was that the one of a kind brew will help bring out some one of a kind people to help change someone's world with one of a kind pups.

The event takes place Sunday from noon to 2 p.m. People can buy a ticket HERE.

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