Faith Community Pharmacy: Director asks for continued help in medication mission

Faith Community Pharmacy: Director asks for continued help in medication mission (WKRC)

FLORENCE, Ky. (WKRC) - A local pharmacy which provides free medications needs a little help this year.

They are asking for people to continue to support a new mission and new leadership. Faith Community Pharmacy hosts an annual celebration event each year. It’s Friday night, November 18, at the airport Doubletree Hotel.

It's especially important this year to one person who passionately made it her mission that people should come show their support. It's a bit of a struggle just to share on the tough days, but there are two things Rosana Aydt is passionate about: The Cincinnati Reds, who sent Rosana a great care package, and faith community pharmacy.

Rosana worked with its founders to make it one of the only pharmacy's in northern Kentucky to provide free medications to people who could not afford them.

“This is a year where we are kind of starting a new chapter in faith community pharmacy,” she said.

The problem is that Rosana needs help as she hands off directing the effort. She is an 18-year breast cancer survivor and this year, due to struggles as her the cancer has spread, Rosana isn't able to attend the celebration event held to raise funds for this pharmacy.

But in the true spirit of Rosana she is not giving up, she made the decision to talk to people at her home from her living room to remind everyone how important it is to continue the mission at Faith Community Pharmacy. She said many they now serve still need not only financial help with medications but also a pharmacist to help them manage their own care.

Rosana said, “So moving forward we are going to be working more with medication therapy and making sure people get the right medicines and working more closely with the hospitals in the area so we can be educators and making sure people who come to us can lead a healthier life.”

That's one of the reasons she said she wanted to give the video invitation to so many who for so long have attended the celebration event. People can see even with health odds against her she is determined not to give up

“You can look at it two ways; you can accept and deal with it and roll up your sleeves and get on with it, or you can just say ‘I'm done,’ and I'm not done with it,” said Rosana.

The night begins with a silent auction and dinner.

CLICK HERE for a link for details and other ways to show your support.

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