Fatherhood Report: Playtime with dad helps kids

Fatherhood Report: Playtime with dad helps kids (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Just in time for Father's Day a report released from the American Academy of Pediatrics said kids reap huge benefits from spending more time with dad.

Researchers in the report looked at years of studies and suggested pediatricians write a prescription for dad with doctor's orders to "play with your baby every day." Little Hailey is almost 9-months-old and already her dad, Tim Rathman, said she was a daddy's girl.

He works at home for a company called her his "little assistant." When it comes to play time with dad, there was actually quite a bit.

A good thing, dad says, because, "She's fairly patient for the most part, but when she wants attention she wants attention!"

What's amazing was the time Tim simply gets to play with Hailey could make a big difference in Hailey's long term growth and development. A report from the American Academy of Pediatrics said being with dad every day might be the personal prescription for every baby. There were some unique things that fathers bring to a child's life; slightly different than a mothers role.

Dr. Scott Woods is a family medicine specialist who said the study didn't just look at dads living in the home with a child but, "Any strong male relationship that children have with a male figure."

The more children grow up with a strong positive male relationship, the more researchers found, "Expansive vocabulary, children are more likely to play sports and probably, maybe most important in developing young women; more likely to take less risky sexual and drug habit type behaviors as young women develop."

While it appears from the study that it's never too late to start daily play and time with dad, for some of the good outcomes it also appears that it's never too early.

The AAP does support paid parental leave for both mothers and fathers. The report was the first clinical report they have released on fatherhood in 12 years.

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