Job Burnout Test: No control at work puts you at risk

Job Burnout Test: No control at work puts you at risk (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Stress on the job might be something hard to avoid but a new study showed if certain things were causing that stress people could be headed for burnout.

People think they know the early warning signs that stress could be making them sick. A new study by found that was not what lead to a real burnout. Local 12 News took the study to health experts at TriHealth to share what they found and it might really surprise people.

Jennifer Michael, a business teacher at Newport High School said, “I teach 9 through 12, I teach a variety of classes. I teach digital literacy, business law, accounting, advanced computers. I run the coop and I am also the FBLA advisor.”

Micheal said even at the end of her busy teaching days there was still joy in the journey. But like many people who have challenging working conditions or were even doing more with fewer people in the office, she admitted she'd like a few more hours in the day.

Michael said, “That’s one of the hardest things is there’s just not enough time in the day.”

A lot of people feel that way at work according to Sarah Patrick. But what leads to burnout wasn't busy days. According to a new study by a lack of autonomy and job control was what leads to burnout.

Sarah showed Local 12 the questions asked to more than 4,000 people to determine the result. It was part of a survey people can take online that found no control means people don't get to help make decisions at work, can't control the pace, and have no say in taking on projects or completion deadlines of those projects.

What should you do then if you find out you are scoring a bit too high on this job burnout test? Employee assistance experts said the most important thing was to reach out for help and people may be surprised at how many people they found in the survey were willing to do that.

The team at TriHealth said the best way to make it work was to reach out to someone where they work and ask for a referral to a confidential employee assistance coach. Many companies offer those at no charge.

In those that said they had no control at work, the study found 81 percent would quit their job that day if they could.

CLICK HERE to take the burnout test.

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