Living Organ Donation: Local woman meets donor who answered her prayers

Living Organ Donation: Local woman meets donor who answered her prayers (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Imagine being just 31 years old and knowing that your survival depends on the kindness of strangers.

It's not often that people get to meet the person about to save their life. But Wednesday, November 16, at the Christ Hospital that's exactly what happened.

It was early in the morning and in the hospital waiting room Patty Gosche was literally waiting to meet a person she felt called to help save.

“We did a prayer study at church and one of the bible verses was ‘Make your body a living sacrifice,’” said Gosche.

So she decided to go through the testing to see if she really could make that sacrifice and become a living kidney donor for another church member.

Jessica Enzweiler, Christ Hospital transplant coordinator, said, “When I called her and told her we had her approved, she was extremely excited.”

Rachel, who needed that kidney, had her name on a prayer list that church secretary, Gosche, printed, “By printing this every week, I would see it week and just kind of questioning whether I could pursue looking into this,” she said.

Sure enough, Wednesday Rachel got to meet the answer to her prayers-- especially because her kidney function was almost completely gone.

Even though they sort of knew each other through church, they weren't really close friends. But sometimes little things matter and all that can change.

Rachel said, “God has shown me since being sick that he is always with me, and this is such a blessing.”

The surgery is scheduled for November 29. Rachel has diabetes and high blood pressure which contributed to her kidney problems.

If you would like to be a living donor you can find out more BY CLICKING HERE.

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