Local doctor develops snack bar to help IBS symptoms

Local doctor develops snack bar to help IBS symptoms (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - It's that time of year, people are probably doing a lot of cooking and baking for the holiday season.

But if what they’re eating doesn't seem to make them feel so good there’s a simple change people may want to make to a few ingredients. If people have been experiencing some bad GI symptoms after they eat there's a newer diet that is gaining ground as a way to manage a few of those symptoms. In fact, those who have tried it say in some cases they not feel better, they like many of the foods they eat were really good for them.

Just a few years ago Rachel Pauls, who is also a physician, began to notice some really unusual symptoms after many of the meals she was cooking up right in her own kitchen.

“For me it was things like gas and bloating, that always kind of full pressure,” said Pauls.

Eventually she was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, “I started experimenting with over the counter treatments, things like peppermint, different fiber therapies, all the things that you read about.”

In addition to that Pauls made the decision she was going to make some serious changes in her diet. She chose to follow a food plan referred to as FODMAP. It's a fancy word for certain foods which really can be irritating to the gut and small intestine.

She said, “It’s a whole group of carbohydrates that are short chain carbohydrates which are difficult to digest so they can lead to symptoms of gas bloating and diarrhea constipation.”

Swapping those kinds of carbohydrates to other grains or whole foods helped Rachel and Traci Garcia, who has a similar condition called Crohn’s Disease, feel much better.

Garcia said, “I’ve been on it now for like a year. It’s been a great process.”

In fact, Rachel was so excited about it she developed a low FODMAP energy bar. She calls them “Happy Bars” now and sells them online.

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