Local father gives thanks for double blessing this Father's Day

Local father gives thanks for double blessing this Father's Day (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local dad said a big thank you to a team at the UC Cancer Institute for Father's Day weekend.

He not only is cancer free, but he has two extra reasons to celebrate. It was a rough few years for the young dad, he'd been married just six months when diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer. But thanks to the team at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center he has the gift of good health and the gift of two new little lives on Father's Day.

Adam Crosby and his wife, Amber, said they feel doubly blessed on Father's Day because not too long ago Adam woke up and was having trouble breathing and swallowing food. By the time they met Dr. Steve Medlin a tumor was pushing on Adam's windpipe from lymphoma.

Dr. Medlin, a UC cancer specialist, said, "Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph node cells."

The good news was there were excellent cure rates with aggressive therapy. The bad news was that aggressive chemotherapy could lead to other future problems with infertility.

"And they are like, 'Hey, have you thought about putting something aside because chemo could cause infertility in the future?' I'm like, uh no."

So Adam and Amber took advantage of a program that lets cancer patients bank sperm or eggs. It's called Oncofertilty. Amber and Adam did end up needing fertility treatments to have Addi and Sam. But it also was the right next step because Amber was actually expecting a baby boy when Adam was first diagnosed with cancer.

Amber said, "But then a week after Adam finished his chemo, Isaac was born 16 weeks early. He lived for 19 days so we lost him."

Father's Day 2016 they will celebrate not just two beautiful miracles but also life, hope and happiness in the future.

Addi and Sam are now 14-months-old and his doctor told Local 12 News Adam's cancer does appear to be cured.

CLICK HERE for links to the Oncofertility program at UC Health.

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