Program offers training for people with disabilities

Program offers training for people with disabilities (WKRC)

FLORENCE, Ky. (WKRC) - A local program invites people to help support their mission at a special event; one that is expanding for people of all abilities.

The Master Provisions Annual Power Lunch is a special event to help others learn more about their mission. They fight poverty and improve people's lives through several programs, one that is expanding involves some very special volunteers.

Every day the team at Master Provisions makes sure everything people see gets used for a higher purpose.

John Eldridge of Master Provisions said, “Master Provisions is a faith based resourcing group, that what we try to do is help groups accomplish their mission.”

The surplus food and products are readied by volunteers, many are part of an extensive job training program.

“We want to build likeable, capable, teachable team players who are productive in building the kingdom of God,” said Eldridge.

Todd Whiting is a great example of that. Todd has a disability which makes talking tough. But he has plenty of skills, including those that allow him to ready the bread for farmers who pick it up to feed to pigs.

Carol Whiting said of her son, “Todd is very much a people person, he likes to interact and be with people. So you have to find the exact place where he can be and use his skills as well.”

Todd’s part of an expanded program at Master Provisions, offering the same opportunities to those living with disabilities. What he does there doesn't just allow him to build unique skills and interact with those around him, it allows other people to have a special experience as well.

Volunteer Mike Whiting said, “The reverse benefit is that our volunteers that are working with them are also seeing them as image bearers of God and not as people with disabilities, and that's been a wonderful thing.”

Mike Whiting, Todd’s father, said, “God’s using his hands too, not necessarily his feet, but he’s using his hands to feed pigs. But when you look at it, that's doing kingdom work and that's what we're all about.”

Local 12’s Liz Bonis will be helping to host the power lunch Thursday, November 10, at the airport Marriott.

CLICK HERE for more details.

Master Provisions always needs donations of items, money and volunteers.

CLICK HERE if you can help.

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