Stand Up to Cancer: Buildings lit up for awareness

Stand Up to Cancer: Buildings lit up for awareness (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Friday night, September 9, on Local 12 there will be a one-hour special which will also air simultaneously on 60 different TV stations across the country to support cancer research.

Leading up to it will be a lot of landmarks, including Cincinnati’s own fountain, letting survivors know people are standing with them against cancer. Perhaps no one would like to stand up to cancer more than those living with the disease.

Barb Siciliano, a cancer survivor, said, “I found a lump Christmas eve morning.”

Siciliano is now one of many survivors thanks to advances in treatment. But part of the reason Fountain Square will be lit in red, orange, and yellow is to get people talking about ways to prevent the disease.

Meghan Caldwell is a counselor with the TriHealth genetics program. She says genetics can now be used to determine everything from family risk to how fast a tumor will grow so they know how to treat it.

A total of 90 landmarks and buildings in the US and Canada will all be lit up in the colors of Stand Up to Cancer leading up to the TV special Friday night on more than 60 television stations to raise money for research. It's one more way events such as the one at a Bengals game last season draws attention to how we can honor those lost by finding new ways to fight back. A genetic counselor can share how people can do that if a person has a family history of the disease.

Meghan Caldwell of the TriHealth Cancer Institute said, “Instead of just sitting and feeling like there's this dark cloud of cancer over them when they look at their family history instead, we can give them information that can allow them to catch cancer as early as possible. So it's very treatable or prevent cancer from happening in the first place.”

People can talk to a cancer genetic counselor at no charge if they have concerns they may be at risk. The number to call is 513-853-1300. Most testing is now covered by medical insurance plans.

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