Thanksgiving Day Race safety

Thanksgiving Day Race safety (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - It's a Tri-State tradition; thousands will team up for charity Thanksgiving Day to run the Thanksgiving Day Race.

Along the route a lot of people will also be there to help should runners need them for your health or safety. Every year at the race there are some inspiring stories of those who run to support family members and friends. The emergency medicine team at UC Health, which is on standby all throughout the race, shared one that shows what's being done to make sure people stay on their feet every step of the way.

As thousands compete in the race each year alongside the cheering fans dozens of emergency medicine workers are on standby should something go wrong.

Jennifer Jackson heads up those teams, “So we'll have three teams in total. We'll have one at the finish line, one that starts the race and follow the race throughout, so we have availability on the course.”

Jackson, UC Health chief nursing officer said, “Last year we actually were able to save the life of a runner who had finished the race and looked down at his partner and said, ‘You know, I don't feel so good.’ And the next thing you know he was on the ground.”

His name was Rick Reid, Jennifer’s team followed his progress after emergency heart treatment and his return to his home in North Carolina where he continues to run. He is likely alive, she said, because, “We had a team stationed within ten feet of where he went down.”

What can people do so they don’t wind up in in the ER needing medical attention? Jennifer said pay attention to the early warning signs along the way, every day there are thousands that suffer heart events.

“If at any point you start to feel bad, you start to feel dizzy, if just doesn't feel right, then listen to your body. Recognize that maybe it wasn't your day to run, or maybe it was your day to ask for help,” she said.

Reid was grateful help was there for him. He said a year later on Thanksgiving week he still had a lot for which to be thankful.

2016 is the 107th year for the race. It starts at 9 a.m. Thanksgiving Day and people can still show up and register ahead of time at Paul Brown Stadium. It's a 10K or a kids half run that starts just ahead of the big race.

The UC team is part of what they call “Event Medicine.” They are quietly there at many races, sporting events and concerts all throughout the year.

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