UC Health opens orthopedic clinic

A team at UC Health is now on the cutting edge of medicine for kids and adults. (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) - A team at UC Health is now on the cutting edge of medicine for kids and adults.

It's the hottest trend in medicine that could make a difference for children often treated initially at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and then need to find care when they age out.

A team at UC Health has opened the first transition clinic for orthopedic disorders in the Tri-State.

For one local mom, it's already made a world of difference.

Angela Strader is one of the lucky ones. Dr. Alvin Crawford was her doctor when she had scoliosis, or "curvature of the spine" as a child. He followed her for years.

"Eventually my spine grew to the point where I needed surgery before I would be deformed later in life," said Angela.

That surgery, serious and complex, but it also allowed her to grow and do great things.

"I have done more than I wanted to do," said Angela. "I am very active, I have two children."

And even that, having children, can raise a lot of questions for patients.

The problem is for the obstetrician and if they want some kind of spinal cord block or some kind of anesthesia.

Which is why Dr. Crawford is now part of the newest trend in medicine. He's opened one of the first transition clinics in the country for pediatric orthopedic disorders.

"To see what's gonna happen to them as they get to the adult, so you don't see the 40 or 50 year old with chronic problems," said Dr. Crawford.

The team works with the patients as continued care from childhood through adulthood, this is sort of a newer phase in medicine, where we know people are living longer, they are living healthier and they need people who know how to pay proper medical attention to very specific health concerns.

You see it's not just kids with scoliosis that might need this type of transitional help.

"There are hip diseases, where the hip slips, there are problems that occur in the foot such as club foot or deformity," said Dr. Crawford.

All things that, with the right team to transition you to adulthood, can be medically managed for life.

If you think you need someone to review the care you had as a child for one of these orthopedic concerns, call 513-475-8690.

In most cases, this care is covered by your medical insurance plan.

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