What new moms can do to have lasting impact on baby's allergies, asthma and immune system

What new moms can do to have lasting impact on baby's allergies, asthma and immune system (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - As it moves into prime fall allergy season, women’s health specialists shared important information for new moms.

It was something simple every new mom can do that a new study found could have a lasting impact on a child's allergies, asthma, and immune system. Little Alexander was barely 24-hours-old. His parents, his athletic dad Andrew and mom Erin Brasse, were both runners. They said based on Alexander's healthy lung capacity he was likely going to have some athletic success too!

That's a good thing, the lung capacity, according to Dr. Stuart Friedman. And he said there was something mom may be able to do to influence it along with the immune system before a baby was even born.

Moms should get more foods with vitamin D. In fact, one recent study found, “If you supplement a child, or at least a mom, with the equivalent of eight glasses of milk per day up until the child goes to school there seems to be less immune problems with hay fever, asthma rhinitis, those types of things,” said Dr. Friedman.

That means there's sort of an idea that moms should have what’s referred to as the “13 month pregnancy” That if people were even thinking about having a baby they should be including certain nutrients in their diet and getting pre-natal supplements.

Since it is prime season for those kinds of complications as people move into fall allergy and asthma season, it was suggested all moms planning a pregnancy or having a baby soon get more vitamin D foods. The top sources for best absorption included milk, cheese, and yogurt.

The study found people really need to eat the foods with vitamin D for the benefit, supplements only didn't show the same benefit.

There was some evidence that many people in the Tri-State area may be deficient in vitamin D due to a lack of sunlight all year long.

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