Woman meets team that used AED to restart her heart

Woman meets team that used AED to restart her heart (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - It was an emotional reunion for a woman who got quite a surprise Thanksgiving Day week.

Every year the Saint Elizabeth Style Show is a great event for a good cause but this year two paramedics, one who works for Saint Elizabeth Healthcare and one who is a Captain with the Alexandria Fire Department, made the event even better. They teamed up for a surprise reunion for a woman who's waited more than a decade to meet the team that saved her life.

At the luncheon and style show hundreds raised money to get portable AED's or Automated External Defibrillators at high school athletic events. It's a device that can shock the heart if it stops beating properly.

Scott Helton, the St. Elizabeth director of sports medicine and athletic training, said, “So if someone goes into cardiac arrest, an AED is a lifesaving tool that our athletic trainers and other medical professionals have to restart the heart into a normal rhythm.”

Joshua Ishmael said, “My mom is a cardiac arrest survivor from back in 2003.”

Joshua and his mom, Tami West, were celebrating her life. They shared her story with the audience from a day years ago when paramedics revived her with an AED on the way to the hospital. It's been 13 years and she is about to meet the actual people who used an AED to save her life.

About at the time when she said there were no words to describe the gratitude she felt to those who saved her life, Jeanie Hein and Captain Tim Ford were waiting in the wings to meet the woman they fought to save years ago.

Tami's son, Joshua, ended up working in emergency medicine because of the event. He said he couldn't think of a better way to give back to the team that kept his mom around. He was just 17 when they saved his mom.

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