15-month-old possibly electrocuted at carnival in Kansas

A 15-month-old was possibly electrocuted at carnival in Kansas. (Photo: KWCH / CNN Newsource / WKRC)

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH / CNN Newsource / WKRC) – A 15-month-old is unresponsive in the hospital after a possible electrocution.

The little girl was holding onto a guard rail at a carnival Friday night when her mother and grandparents saw her go limp.

"She went to touch it, and all of a sudden her head went back, and her eyes rolled back, and her mom said 'is she ok', and they went to get her from the fence, and she just went limp," the girl’s grandmother said.

Police have not confirmed that she was shocked and the carnival company, Evans United Shows, said there is no danger to people in the area where it happened. The Towne West Carnival is still open and the fence that potentially shocked the girl is still in place.

The carnival said it has ground rods to prevent shocking issues, but the girl’s grandparents want the area to be closed off.

"That carnival up and running right now with children around is absolutely disgusting," her grandmother said. “It's very irresponsible."

"We don't want any other children to get hurt, and that baby right now is laying in that bed unresponsive when she was a perfectly healthy baby."

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