Children served alcoholic beverages at Applebee's

Two children were served alcoholic beverages at an Applebee's they frequently visit. (CNN Newsource/ WNCN)

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (CNN Newsource / WNCN / WKRC) - A family in North Carolina took a trip to Applebee's for Mother's Day that ended with a trip to the hospital.

The family's 13-year-old son and three-year-old daughter ordered virgin daiquiris from the restaurant, but soon realized they were not non-alcoholic.

The Kirkman's are frequent customers of this Applebee's, but now do not think they'll ever dine there again.

After church, Cheryl Kirkman said she took her family to the restaurant for a day that "started out wonderful, but ended horrible."

Her husband ordered a virgin daiquiri, which is when the two children, KJ and Bailey, requested a virgin drink as well.

Kirkman said, "As soon as my son drunk it, he told my husband, he said 'dad this don't taste right. This taste funny. This taste sour to me.'"

Three-year-old Bailey had already drank half of one of the daiquiris before they realized the drinks contained alcohol.

"It was very scary. I was frightened. Her mother was frightened because, like I said, she began to gasp for a little air. I thought she was gonna throw up because she grabbed her stomach," Cheryl Kirkman said.

Both of the children were taken to the hospital for examination.

An Applebee's manager explained to the family that there was a miscommunication between their waitress and the bartender.

The Kirkman's are very involved in their church and Mr. Kirkman is a minister. The family said they never drink alcohol.

Kirkman also added , "If it was a lesson, from now on, if I ever order, which I'll stay away from daiquiris, we'll just get lemonade. I'll stay away from daiquiris."

This is also not the first time this Applebee's has been accused of serving alcoholic beverages to a minor.

Public record shows that in 2015, this Applebee's was fined for serving a mixed beverage to a five-year-old, when a virgin drink was ordered.