Church offers drive-thru prayers for Easter weekend

Church offers drive-thru prayers for Easter weekend (KATC / CNN Newsource)

LAFAYETTE, La. (KATC / CNN Newsource / WKRC) - A drive-thru in Lafayette, Louisiana is offering prayers for Easter weekend.

The United Methodist Church is reaching out to anyone in need. For three years, they've offered prayers to anyone.

Cassandra Turner is one of hundreds that stopped by for a prayer.

"A lot of people saying prayer is not the thing anymore. But prayer really works and it still works," Turner said.

93-year-old Mary Theresa is still spreading faith, even though she can no longer stand.

"Last year I was out here and I could stand. But now I can't stand. Still in all, I'm here," Theresa said.

The church members hope their quick prayer service will bring hope to others beyond their walls.

"We are coming together as a community. With all the darkness and separation of things that's occurring in America, but we can come together of all walks of life of prayer," Rev. Robert Johnson said. "And so that's what it symbolizes , unity and because we love one God."

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